Experience Quality Flexibility


Relocations your machines is done under scrutiny! Project inspection, disassembly plan, transport security, assembly plan. Entrust all tasks to professionals and minimize the burden on your company. 

We will prepare a detailed disassembly plan with minimal or no production restrictions.

 We will provide cheap but maximally safe transport for which we will prepare the machines to the maximum.

 Assembly that is focused on all media and especially on functionality.

 Our technicians mark all parts and machines so that they fit together even after transport and thus ensure the desired result

Packing of maschinery and

Always professional and safe! We approach each entrusted project completely professionally from the beginning to the end. Your machines and equipment that we pack are always handled by professionals. This guarantees the highest security. The machines are packed according to the customer's needs with the time intervals you need. We can ensure the cheap purchase of material needed for packaging and thus reduce your project costs.


Time is money! We understand this very well, so we try to plan all operations honestly so that your production is as small or as limited as possible.

 The machines must be functional and remain intact. Our experienced technicians, who have many years of experience in the field of assembly and disassembly, will take care of this. Of course, we are not just saying that.

 90% of our projects were successfully completed ahead of schedule. the other 10% was on schedule. 

We always try to offer our clients enough reserve space for unexpected events.


Projects under our leadership still look professional. We always try to maintain order in the workplace and thus ensure a good view of work and also and especially the safety of our employees. And for all the tasks we perform.