Have the assembly and disassembly professional.

 Lots of projects and few staff? 

Occupied warehouses with tools, cars?

 If you answered yes, we have a solution for you.

 We have quality tools and staff with experience from a wide range of industries in the engineering industry. 

You can entrust us with the project under your leadership, brand with our tools, cars and staff. 

As a subcontractor, we take care of all work permits. 

We will look at our project and suggest the best way to cooperate. Which will be effective in both time and money. 

You can also leave on us  mechanization, provision of consumables, provision of transport and accommodation for the project and also project management at the workplace by our project manager. 

Your company will maintain its image. 

The work can be done after your brand.

 Our project manager will communicate with our installers and technicians and report regularly to your project boss. 

Safety, speed, order. 

We provide all the means necessary to protect health at work. 

We will stick to your time schedules, and regularly inspect and keep the project clean and tidy.

 Who are our services for?

 For production halls that need to perform or perform maintenance. For companies for the manufacture of machinery and equipment. Assembly, Disassembly of simple structures as well as entire technological units. We can handle fine as well as heavy engineering work.

We have experience with the whole spectrum of industries. Assembly of new and old machines for the entire spectrum of industries. Disassembly and removal of production lines


Steel constructions

Production and assembly of steel structures and metal products based on customer needs. 

1. Halls, landings, internal floors (warehouses, halls)

 2. Wrought iron fences, grilles, gates, stair railings, barriers ... 

3. Simple metal products based on your project documentation.

 4. Flue pipes We produce and sell steel flue pipes of the highest quality, they correspond to the current ones

European standards and regulations.

 They are designed for demanding clients. Suitable for fireplaces,
fireplace stoves, chimney systems, pipes, elbows, heat exchangers, pipes, dampers, splitters,
reducers, couplings and more. 

Possible personal collection and transport. 

Our mass production
guarantees the lowest prices available on the market. 

Production includes: - Pipes- Elbows-Zder / double bore -Roses -Lids -Grommet -Reductions -Flaps -Heat exchangers -Buttons and others.