Our subsidiary, which is dedicated to the professional welding of steel structures and products made of metal, stainless steel and aluminum, will provide you with professionalism, quality and flexibility.

 We have our own welding machines, cars, protective equipment. We test welders before start.

 For each project, we choose carefully and test the staff. We test their welds at the Slovak Welding Research Institute. They are tested by X-ray tests, pressure, ultrasonic. According to the project. 

Following an agreement with the customer, we will equip them with working tools and OPP. 

We have new machines that are suitable for welding with a wide range of methods / MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG, SAW / Welding, Measuring, Burning. 

All this and fully professional (new machines, new professional helmets) All of this under your brand.

 Contact us with your request today.